Senior Move Transitions



Seniors, Caregivers!  Are you looking for help!  We can assist you with all aspects of your move or the move of your loved ones. Whether you are moving from a famiy home, downsizing for the first time in 30 years, or you or your parents have a new lifestyle, we are here to assit you and your family.  Don't take our word for it!  Take a moment and listen to what Veronica has to say about her wonderful experience with Carolyn at We Stage Greater Detroit.


There are many phases of a move that should be taken into consideration.  As a member of the National Association of Senior Move Managers, we have the  expertise to assist you, move through the stages of transition and down size to right size.  Our national network of senior move managers can assist with your out of state move;packing, unpacking and set up at your new home.  When changes in health, ability or lifestyle occur, a relocation can become more than a choice for seniors in their later years. It may be a necessity you aren't prepared for.  

Family members!  Do your senior parents needs help and you can't get the time off from work to help them?  We are here to take the burden off of your shoulders.  Working with the new floorplan and the entire move.  We can make this transition an easy move for the whole family.  Overwhelmed and don't know where to start?  Boxes everywhere, in the basement, attic, garage, or stored in the spare room?  Down Size to Right Size, Organize and De-Clutter:  We understand there are family treasures you would like to gift to family members and friends, donate or sell.  Don't call in the dumpster or trash removal company and have all of your precious memories tossed out.  We take the time to help you, sorting through every box, organizing and de-cluttering   through the final decision for disposition of each item.   We utilize recycling, donating, and other options to keep our environment safe.  


Most seniors hesitate to move because they are overwhelmed by the idea of sorting, eliminating, packing and relocating all of their personal belongings.  And they don't know what's going to fit in their new surroundings. It's a stressful time. But knowing that caring professionals will be handling your life possessions can provide comforting peace of mind.  The best way to ensure that your move goes smoothly is to retain We Stage Greater Detroit. Our knowledgeable Senior Moving Coordinators provide support and assistance with both the physical and emotional aspects of the moving process, to alleviate the stress, confusion and aggravation associated with this tedious task.


We can help coordinate the move from start to finish, or you may select only the services you desire. Our helpful tips and recommendations of other reliable service providers will save you time and money.


Our multiple services menu makes it possible to select only the help you need.

  • We visit both homes to evaluate space
  • We coordinate the services of a mover, estate liquidator, charity pick up, rubbish removal, house cleaning, etc.
  • We coordinate the realtors, renovators and home staging, preparing the home for sale.
  • We establish a timetable.
  • We obtain measurements to ensure that possessions will fit into the new surroundings.
  • We help to sort and downsize contents of the present home. (discarding items at the senior's discretion)
  • We arrange for the moving company to pack and transport furnishing and household items.
  • We meet and assist movers on moving day
  • We assist to oversee movers as they pack the truck with contents of the home.
  • We meet and assist to direct movers as they unload the truck at the new home.
  • We unpack boxes and put away belongings.
  • We set up the kitchen, living room and bathrooms.
  • We make the beds.


Our multiple services menu makes it possible to select only the help you need.

  • If your health is failing and you don't have the physical ability to move yourself
  • If maintaining your homes has become too much for you
  • If you are afraid in your own home
  • If you have no family members to help
  • If you have to relocate in a hurry


Our multiple services menu makes it possible to select only the help you need.

  • If you live out of state.
  • If your career doesn't allow you the time off.
  • If you have other family responsibilities.
  • If you don't know where to start.
  • If you need a sounding board for support.


We welcome the opportunity to tell you more about down-sizing, floor planning, a smooth transition and move.